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The Business Pack for Client Portal: Experience a solution that merges a comprehensive library with a highly secured private zone. Offer clients exclusive access to sensitive docs such as special rates, distribution agreements, and more. Enhanced password authentication, paired with optional two-factor authentication, ensures utmost security. Perfect for enhancing trust and tailoring your services.

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Business Pack for the Client Portal: A Private Access for a Personalized Experience

Step into a higher dimension with our Business Pack, dedicated to offering a deepened experience for your clients. Not only does this pack encompass all the features of the standard library pack, but it also advances by introducing a private area, crafted specifically for each of your clients.

Within this secured zone, your clients will have access to a myriad of sensitive documents: special sales conditions, net rates, distribution contracts, and other key documents, thus reflecting the trust-based relationship you maintain with them. These often business-critical details are securely stored behind a password-protected interface. And for those seeking an added layer of security, a two-factor authentication option is available upon request.

Key Points:

  • Complete Library: Access to all the documents from the standard version, ensuring informational continuity for your clients.
  • Private Zone: A dedicated space for each client, enhancing the personalized aspect of their experience.
  • Enhanced Security: With password-protected access and two-factor authentication upon request, your sensitive details remain in safe hands.
  • Intuitiveness & Fluidity: Clear and concise navigation for quick access to essential information.

With the Business Pack, reinforce your commitment to your clients by not only offering information but also the security and personalization they deserve.

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Portal – Business
Original price was: $2490.00.Current price is: $1990.00.
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