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Portal – Premium

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The Premium Client Portal Pack: Optimize customer relations with our most comprehensive portal. Provide clients privileged access to their documents, real-time order tracking, direct communication through instant messaging, ticket-based assistance, surveys to collect feedback, and exclusive events for enhanced loyalty. Digitalization serving your productivity and client satisfaction.

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Premium Client Portal Pack: The Quintessence of Digital Customer Relationship

Step into the era of digital excellence with our Premium Client Portal Pack, meticulously crafted to surpass traditional customer relationship standards and meet the highest aspirations.

Recap of foundations: The Premium pack seamlessly integrates all the features of the Standard and Business packs. Your clients benefit from a complete library of their documents, from the most basic to the most sensitive, all grouped within a secure space.

Transparent & Proactive Tracking: Each step of the client process is accessible: from simple quotes to invoices, including details of current orders and their history. This comprehensive tracking creates reassuring transparency and reinforces trust.

FAQ & Instant Messaging: Omnipresent support is guaranteed with our comprehensive FAQ, allowing for quick resolution of common questions. Meanwhile, instant messaging brings the client closer to the company, facilitating exchanges and creating a more human connection, thus avoiding the hassle of a phone call.

Assistance & Ticket System: Each concern is treated with the seriousness it deserves. The introduction of a ticket system ensures precise tracking of requests, whether for technical support, warranty, or any other after-sales service.

Surveys & Continuous Improvement: The client’s voice is paramount. Integrated surveys invite feedback, allowing the company to constantly adjust and optimize its services.

Loyalty & Exclusive Initiatives: Foster client loyalty by offering exclusive experiences. From contests to events, the Premium Pack takes care of strengthening this commitment.

Mutual benefits: This portal doesn’t just serve the client. It embodies the perfect symbiosis between company productivity and client satisfaction. By digitizing and automating key processes, it frees up precious resources while delivering an unmatched experience.

With the Premium Client Portal Pack, you’re not just providing a tool, but a true interaction platform, centered on the client and designed for excellence.

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Portal – Premium
Original price was: $3190.00.Current price is: $2590.00.
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